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DSS offers a robust training program that is comprised of Technical Classroom Courses, Workshops, Conferences and Webinars. The DSS Training Calendar is guided by requirements of Dam Owners and Dam Safety Professionals which is developed by a committee of dam safety professionals. DSS training opportunities provide dam safety professionals with the opportunity to expand their professional knowledge through a wide range of opportunities geared for all levels of experience.

DSS Training Opportunities

DSS provides training opportunities through short courses, webinars and workshops on a wide variety of subjects related to Dam Safety Management. These course are useful for dam engineers involved in design, operation and maintenance of dams as well as various dam safety activities. Tailor made course are also planned as per the specific requirement of dam owners. The main topics of trainings include:

Professional trainings are designed for different level of engineers. Lectures are provided by eminent experts, national & international, in the related subject. Dam Owner or Dam Safety Organization may contact DSS for organization of any training program.


DSS organizes workshops on different aspects of dam safety management. The Workshop aims at including presentations, exercises, and technology displays /demonstrations which all are intended to provide workshop participants with improved insight, understanding, and comfort with respect to subject matter. Attendees learn the fundamentals and advances as well Workshop exercises allow discussions of real-world scenarios. Fundamentally, the Workshop will seek to maximize the opportunities for educational discussions among the participants, presenters, and technology & material suppliers about real-world situations, and how they might best be addressed.

Lectures are delivered by eminent experts in the field. Industry sessions are also planned wherein industries can showcase their products. Participants can also present Case Studies also.


DSS also organizes National and International Conferences on Dam Safety Management. The conference brings together dam professionals and experts in the various inter-related disciplines from within India and around the world to discuss, reflect and share knowledge, technology and experience in addressing dam safety issues. The Conference provides an opportunity in terms of participation by Indian and overseas professionals and organizations. The conference generally has Plenary Session, Technical Sessions, and Sessions dedicated to Industry. Valuable presentations during the Plenary Session by eminent dam safety professionals are planned. Several oral presentations take place during the Technical Sessions which cover various facets of dam safety.

National and overseas organizations showcase contemporary developments in technologies, construction materials, products, instrumentation, and services in an exhibition generally organized at the Conference venue. There is also ample opportunity for sponsors.

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