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Dam Safety Society is specifically meant for all individuals and organisations who are interested in dam safety as a discipline at a professional or capacity level. There are special places and privileges for the organisations owning dams or organisations providing hard and soft solutions to the problems related to dam safety. All can share their strengths, opportunities and issues on a truly professional basis using the platforms provided by the Dam Safety Society. The issues articulated in the context of India are not specific to a single country or region. We therefore, propose to keep the membership to the society global. Any other individual and/or organization from across the Globe is welcome to join the society.

DSS invites the dam professionals and organisations owning dams and those providing hard and soft solutions to the problems of dam safety from all over the Globe, to join as individual or institutional members of the Dam Safety Society, to share the concerns and capabilities amongst the dam safety professionals and to build their own strength along with the strength of the dam safety assurance sector.

If you're interested in joining DSS, you probably may have several questions regarding the Dam Safety Society (DSS) and how being a member can benefit you or your company. DSS provides many member benefits. However, DSS is about belonging to a group dedicated to working towards the common goal of an unified dam and networks safety program. Every member benefits through their association with DSS, and DSS benefits with each new member that joins. Society like DSS are built around the collective, achieving what individual members and companies can't achieve on their own.

Who is DSS?

DSS is the leading non-profit society/association dedicated to dam and networks safety. DSS was created in 2023 in response to an urgent need for establishing and strengthening dam safety programs and improving interstate communication about dam safety. Becoming a part of the DSS community is a way to join with others to work toward advancing technology, standards, and research for a future where all dams are safe.

Who should Join DSS?

How does DSS support members?

DSS works side-by-side with its members to build a unified community of dam and networks safety experts, recognized as leaders in their field, through the creation of industry standards and best practices; advocacy of legislative policy matters that impact the dam and networks safety community; educational opportunities to help members build upon their knowledge of core foundational topic areas, as well as the latest technology and practical trends, impacting the profession; education of the general public on issues of concern for dam and networks safety professionals; and support for future growth in the profession through outreach to students to showcase the benefits of a career in dam and levee safety.

Individual Benefits provided by DSS to its Members

Membership Categories and Rates

Individual Member

Annual: Rs 1000 for Indians and US$ 20 for Non-Indians (payable on a calendar year basis)
Lifetime: Rs 10,000 for Indians and US$ 200 for Non-Indians

Institutional Member

Annual: Rs 50,000 for Institutions based in India and US$ 1000 for Institutions not based in India (payable on a calendar year basis)
Lifetime (for 10 years): Rs 4,00,000 for Institutions based in India and US$ 6000 for Institutions not based in India

Student Member-Free

Student member status shall be granted to an applicant enrolled in an educational institute as a full-time student and is not employed. Student membership may be maintained only while actively enrolled in educational institute, but for no more than four years.

How to Join DSS?

Step 1:

Pay the membership fee as applicable

Payment Mode

Through Demand Draft in favour of “Dam Safety Society” payable at New Delhi.
Or through On-line payment
Bank Name: Canara Bank
Bank Address: Delhi Diplomatic Enclave, 7/48, Malcha Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India
Saving Bank Account Number: 110138299383
Account Holder Name: Dam Safety Society
IFSC Code: CNRB0000157
NICR Code No. 110015007

Step 2:

Register for Membership


Send the Demand Draft/Payment details along with following details of Individual or Institution through e-mail or by post at Society” address:

Individual Members shall send their Name, Age, Name of Organisation and position, if employed, Contact Details (Address, Mobile Number, E-mail)

Institutional Members shall send Name of Organisation, Name of contact person, Contact Details (Address, Phone number/Mobile Number, E-mail)

E-mail of Society:
Address of Society: Dam Safety Society, C/o ICID, 48, Nyaya Marg, Chanakyapuri, New Delhi-110021, India